Monday, 19 July 2010

My First Gig!

A few days ago on Friday, my band had our first proper gig. The name of my band is 'Find Me By Tomorrow', we had played a school a few times but this was the first gig that we played outside of school and its the first step to getting recognized on a bigger basis (we hope!) We only got told about the gig 9 days before we performed at it, so in that time we had to write a song and perfect all 4 of our covers, very stressful! On the day of the gig, we had to get there about 1hr 30mins early to rehearse and have a sound check. We were then first to play, i was so nervous as i walked onto the stage, but as soon as i saw everyone i lost pretty much all of my nerves. I found it a lot easier to really go for it in front of complete strangers than in front of all my friends at school; i guess no one really knew me so i couldn't really embarrass myself. Anyway, our set list went like this:

Homecoming - Hey Monday
Thats What You Get - Paramore
Waiting - (our own song)
Shinobi - Lostprophets
If I Were In You Shoes - You Me At Six

My band is called 'Find Me By Tomorrow', it would be amazing if you could check out our Myspace page:

We are mainly based in the rock/metal genre, however we have a girl singer which gives our music a very distinctive and unique sound. On our Myspace we have 2 covers but our own song 'Waiting' will be on their anytime after the 14th September as that is when we will be recording it.

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