Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Aerosmith at the O2

It started of as what i thought was just going to be another average day, come back from school, relax in front of the TV, do some homework maybe. But my sister had had an exam that day and wasn't feeling to great about how she had done so my parents decided to treat us to going out for a meal. While we were there i got a phone call from a good friend of mine and he asked if i wanted to see Aerosmith live at the O2 Arena tonight, amazed and slightly confused I, of course, said i would love to. I came of the phone to some confused looks from my parents i explained what he said, then came the obvious question; Where, When, How and of course. how much? After explaining all of that a few phone calls later to my friend, my Dad drove me upto the nearest train station and i took the first train to the O2 arena. I met my friend halfway and after getting the tickets, we walked into the O2 Arena and looked around for abit before going into the concert hall.
When it was time, we walked into the arena, I was instantly taken aback by the sheer size of it, i hadn't been there since the Millennium back in 2000 and i couldn't remember much of it. We took our seats in the stands and waited for the show to begin. The band Airbourne were supporting Aerosmith but unfortunately we were too late to see them play.
A few minutes later a long chord and cymbal crescendo sounded around the whole arena. The show had began. They opened with the fantastic tune 'Love in an Elevator' which got all the crowd in a great mood and prepared us for a fantastic show. They played some of their greatest songs such as 'Living on the Edge', 'Dream On' and 'Sweet Emotion' as well as Joe Perry playing a blues song and singing as well which was a great addition to the show. Steve Tyler then introduced the pianist who then played an impressive solo before going into the introduction of 'Don't Wanna Miss a Thing'. As soon as he did so it was instantly recognized and the crow went crazy. I was so impressed by the beautiful and rich tone to Steve Tyler's voice. Even after year of performing his voice is still as good as ever. As the song gradually progressed into the chorus, Steve Tyler and Joe Perry both interacted with each other perfectly, the years of experience defiantly paying of in that field of performing.
After 'Sweet Emotion', Aerosmith had finished, much to the disappointed of the crowd, they thanked us and went of stage. I was getting ready to leave, however my friend insisted that they would come back on stage and play an encore. A few minutes later, after constant cheers from the crowd and chants of 'Encore!' i was getting sceptical, but sure enough they came back on to greet thousands of delighted spectators and play some of their finest and finished with the great tune 'Walk this Way'. After that they truly were finished. Everyone left and after a long journey home on the train, i got home and told my family all about it, then of course told he next day at school, every single one of my friends, after all, you don't see a legendary band like Aerosmith everyday, do you?


  1. Took a look at your video clip. You have talent.
    Wee problem n your blog with the txt wrap on some of the posts. The words go off the screen.

  2. Thank you,
    oh sorry about that, where does it do that as i cant seem to find it?