Friday, 17 December 2010

Black Country Communion

I would like to start by apologising for the length of time since it has been since i last posted a blog.

This post is about a fantastic new band i have discovered, called Black Country Communion.
A few weeks ago when reading 'Guitarist' magazine . I came across an interview with the legend himself, Glen Hughes. At first i thought it would simply be an interview explaining his legacy, however in deeper reading, i saw that it was an introduction to his new band (which will inevitiblely be classed as a 'Supergroup') Black Country Communion. This band consists of Glen Hughes on Bass, Joe Bonnamassa on Guitar, Derek Sherinain on Keyboard and Jason Bonham keeping the beats on drums.
To be perfectly honest, when i first read about the band, i was very sceptical as to whether they would be good or not (because so many supergroups have gone before and failed). However, after i heard th first few songs on the album, i was in no doubt the whole CD would be a treat. And i was right, the fantastic mix of blues/rock riffs and strong drum beats make for fantastic listening. The wealth of experience between these musicians is obvious and shines through in the music, Bonnamassa's solos are things to be admired, with melodic scales incorporated everywhere making it a true joy to listen to. Glen Hughes's classic rock voice is at the centre of this bands sound, his excellent vocal range and the rich tones in his voice is distinctive and argubly one of the best in the buisness. With Jason Bonham on drums, it makes it very hard not to air drum along to every song on the album, his heavy and rock inspired drum beats are immaculate through all the songs and are things of great simplicity.
I am very excited to say that i am seeing Black Country Communion on the December 30th at a local venue, so look out for a review on this blog shortly after.

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